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Despite the collapsing global oil price, energy prices in the home are not dropping very quickly. Customers still need to be careful about the energy they use and smart meters are a good way to keep tabs on the energy being used.

In most cases, the smart meter can be located anywhere in your home. It doesn’t need to be hidden away in a garage or basement like the old traditional meter. This means that the customer can easily check energy use on a daily basis – or as often as they want to take a look at the meter.

Because a smart meter reports energy use in real-time, it also allows the customer to learn more about their own behaviour. What are the appliances that drain the most energy? What kinds of heating work best? The customer can literally see the effect of different types of energy use on the meter immediately.

A smart meter will completely replace the existing meter inside customer homes and because it can be automatically read, once customers have one then they can wave goodbye to estimated bills. It is estimated that by 2020 around 26 million UK homes will be using smart meters, with a plan to install at least 50 million meters eventually.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that customers could save around £6 billion in the next 20 years, just through the use of smart meters. This is great for the customers, but also has a dramatic effect on the amount of energy being used and wasted – therefore having a significant effect on the global environment.

Has your home or business already been converted? Have you noticed a change in the use of energy because of the smart meter or a reduction in your bills? Leave a comment here or get in touch with me on my LinkedIn.


Photo by Tom Raftery licensed under Creative Commons

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