Who Is Your CX Hero? - UK

Following on from my last blog you’ve now hopefully had some time to go to your RTER-HD lab (real-time, experiential, random-holistic data lab) and experience first-hand how your customers interact with your contact centre.

You’ll now know why they do so and what they want. If you haven’t yet spent time in the Lab but you still need to better understand the fundamental questions we looked to answer last time, then look no further.

Key Questions:

  1. How well do you deliver great CX for your everyday customer and how does it compare with your brand aspirations?

Getting hold of accurate, real time data on your own business performance can be frustrating at the best of times but it is crucial get a handle on how well your CX heroes are doing and how they are delighting customers. No matter how many conversations you listen to there remains a need for quantitative evidence to back up what you observe and even before you start, you need to pose the tricky question: who do you want to be?

  1. What do you need to do to bridge the gap to meet those brand values or exceed expectations if you’re lucky enough to already be attaining satisfaction benchmarks?

Many organisations are evolving their customer experience strategy to compliment what they hear from the contact centre with the analysis of hard facts and insights to sculpt the narrative of the strategy which will underpin business growth and shed unnecessary cost. The beauty of looking to your CX heroes is that they can be whoever you want them to be. Mine for example is Monzo who I’ve only just joined. The newbie bank had a massive failure over the weekend, which left me without payment for Sunday lunch which bizarrely left me even more of a fan because of the instantaneous CX in response to the problem. This was personal, empathetic and spot on despite me being one of 120,000 customers affected by the payment outage.

Monzo is my CX hero because the business made a genuine difference, tidied up the mistake as quickly as possible and then shared with me the business plan to ensure that it will never happen again. CX hero status!

For real benchmarking, your CX hero should be an organisation out of your sector which makes getting a handle on what they do that little bit harder.

This is where Teleperformance can help. Our proprietary Customer Experience lab based in Portugal is unique. Our team conduct over 150,000 interviews with real customers every year covering 18 sectors in 13 countries providing insight to answer the key questions above. Our clients get to see market-wide, customised reports, surveys, whitepapers and infographics to expose:

  • Customer behaviour and customer service preferences by market and sector,
  • Different patterns of perception, organized by generation
  • Statistics on the most-used channels for contacting brands’ customer service, compared to the channels customers would prefer to use if they had a choice
  • Benefits of each channel, based on customer perception
  • Key drivers of loyalty, brand advocacy and satisfaction
  • Factors that improve the customer service experience

Monzo are a great example of a new company who’s CX strategy bucks the trend of their FS peers and is closer to an Uber or Deliveroo type experience. Our FS survey shows that 34% of customers prefer non-voice channels as their preferred channel and Millennials and Generation Z customers are less likely to be advocates compared to Baby Boomers.

I can see that 36% of customers are willing to switch based on the quality of customer service, which is great news for Monzo and when combined with younger people having lower advocacy levels for traditional players it looks likely that customer numbers will swell beyond the 120,000 of us who have downloaded and used the Monzo app.

Monzo know who they are and who they want to be and it shows with phenomenal CX even when things sadly go wrong.

Meanwhile If you’d like to see a CX Lab survey that speaks to your sector or to a different sector from which your CX hero comes from just get in touch.

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