Guyana: Delivering CX Expertise From South America - UK

I saw Prince Harry featured on the BBC this week because his extensive Caribbean tour took him to Guyana. This South American nation is bordered by Venezuela, Brazil, and Suriname, yet in terms of culture and language it is distinctly more Caribbean than South American.

English is the first language spoken in Guyana and you are just as likely to see kids playing cricket in the street as football. However, Guyana also has extensive rain forests and Prince Harry did venture into the interior this week. His own visit was designed to highlight the advantages of ecotourism and how controlled visits to areas like this can help to preserve nature for future generations.

Watching Prince Harry dressing up with a feathered headdress and respecting those who call the rain forest home does demonstrate how different this part of the world is to the UK, my own home, but with so many cultural connections binding the UK and Guyana there are also several business opportunities worth exploring.

The customer experience delivery market is quite aggressive at the moment. Customers are demanding more from brands yet the UK economy is in an uncertain place, requiring more detail about how the government’s Brexit plans will go forward. Business leaders are hoping to see more information over these plans in Q1 2017, but regardless of what takes place in the European Union, UK business continues and customers need their calls and emails answered.

In an uncertain business environment it pays to explore further, both geographically and in terms of finding new skills and ideas. Innovation never comes to those who just consider that what they achieved yesterday can be repeated tomorrow.

Think for a moment about the English language capabilities in Guyana. The soft Guyana accent reflects their Caribbean location and is therefore well accepted by British people. This makes Guyana an excellent place for British companies to consider if they want to create an offshore customer service team. The cultural similarities regarding music and sport also make Guyana a great place when planning a customer experience strategy for British customers.

I believe that the spotlight Prince Harry’s visit has thrown onto Guyana will help many British companies realise that there is a place in South America where they really can do business. As Frost & Sullivan says: “it is the best kept secret for native English outsourced services.” The opportunities to create a great customer experience from Guyana really exist today.

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